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Harry S. Hood

Harry S. Hood, his son Charles, and two of Charles' daughters, Luci and Linda, in Miami, 1961.

Harry Straight Hood was born on 8th April 1903 in West Virginia. He was the last in the family to follow the tradition of bearing his mother's surname (Straight) as his middle name.


Harry Straight Hood was born on 8th April 1903 in West Virginia and died in Dade County, Florida, at the age of 86. He was married to Mary Lucille Long and had four children: Elizabeth (Betty-Ann), Eleanor, Charles (Jack), and Richard (Ric).

The family lived in Harrison County, West Virginia, where the 1930 census record shows that Harry worked as a motor mechanic. A decade later, the county census has Lucille as the head of household and the four children living with her. His sister, Agnes Hood living with the family in 1930, is also absent from the 1940 census record for the household.

Harry's wife was killed in 1954 in a fire that broke out in a Pan-Am aircraft, according to the story I heard growing up, in a paint shop. She had escaped, but returned to rescue her friend who was still inside the fuselage. Harry married again later, to Irma. I met them both in Miami in the early 1980s, on a business trip to Tampa.

Harry was at one time a Dade County councilman - I was told once that there was at one time a Harry S. Hood building in Hialeah, standing in his honour.


Harry's parents were Harry Hood and Malinda Ann Straight.

Family tree

flowchart TD
  classDef female fill:#fcc
  classDef gentie fill:#fff
  HH(Harry Hood <br>b.1873) --- HHMAS[m. 1897]:::gentie
  MAS(Malinda Ann Straight <br>b.1876):::female --- HHMAS
  HHMAS --- LPH(Lou Pearl Hood<br>1898 -- 1945):::female
  HHMAS --- EHH(Edna Helen Hood<br>1899 -- d.):::female
  HHMAS --- APH(Alfred Paul Hood<br>1901 -- d.)
  HHMAS --- HSH(Harry S Hood<br>1903 -- 1989) --- HSHMLL["m. 1926"]:::gentie
  MLL(Mary Lucille Long<br>1909 -- 1954):::female --- HSHMLL
  HHMAS --- MEH(Mary Ellen Hood<br>1906 -- 1995):::female
  HHMAS --- ACH(Agnes C Hood<br>1914 -- d.):::female
  HSHMLL --> EAH("Elizabeth (Betty) Ann Hood" <br>1928 d):::female
%%  LW(Lyle Webb<br>d) --- ELHLW[" "]:::gentie
  HSHMLL --> ELH(Eleanor L Hood <br>1929 -- d):::female 
%%  ELH --- ELHLW
%%  ELHLW --> Debbie[Debbie]:::female
%%  ELHLW --> Mark[Mark]
%%  ELHLW --> Linda[Linda]:::female
  HSHMLL --> CHH("Charles H (Jack) Hood" <br>1931 -- 2021) 
%%  CHH --- CHHVEN[" "]:::gentie
%%  VEN(Virginia Elaine Northcut <br>1935 -- 2015):::female --- CHHVEN
%%  CHHVEN --> Luci(Luci):::female
%%  CHHVEN --> Greg(Greg)
%%  CHHVEN --> Lauri(Lauri):::female
  HSHMLL --> Ric(Richard Neal Hood <br>1936 -- )
%%  Audrey(Audrey Bourne<br>1930 -- 2019):::female --- RicAud
%%  Ric --- RicAud[" "]:::gentie
%%  RicAud --- Nick[Nick]
%%  Ric --- RicMar[" "]:::gentie
%%  Marion(Marion<br>d.):::female --- RicMar
%%  RicMar --- Richie(Richie)
%%  RicMar --- Kathie(Kathie)
Not shown in this family tree are Harry's second wife, Irma, and two of his younger siblings: an unnamed boy born in 1910, and Cora Malinda born and died in 1911.


Name DoB PoB DoD PoD Comment
Harry Straight HOOD 8th April 1903 WV 15th April 1989 Hialeah, FL
Mary Lucille LONG 30 July 1909 Mason Co., VA. 22 Mar 1954 Miami, FL Married 10 Aug 1926. Buried at Flagler Memorial Park, FL
Harry HOOD 1873 WV 1949 ? Father
Malinda Ann STRAIGHT 1 Sep 1876 Marion Co., WV 21 July 1918 Monongalia Co., WV Mother

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